How it all started?

Fasal was born as an experiment, when some company executives traveling through rural Karnataka looking to understand how rural small businesses operated, took shelter along with local farmers under a bus-shelter during a heavy downpour. The ensuing conversation between the two groups brought to the fore farmers issues on the lack of availability of correct information and how increase in commodity prices in larger towns and cities had little benefit for them (lack of price transparency), among others.

Upon researching the agriculture sector it was found that the need for reliable and actionable information among farmers was huge.

Farmer Problems

All this has a huge impact on the livelihood of the farmer and their families who often look at existing means of livelihood as one that does not provide sufficient returns.

These information gaps have a huge impact on the ability for farmers to derive the right price for his crop. The opportunity to provide a service where actionable information on price, potential buyer information, weather, would be invaluable to farming community while also helping bridge the gap for large organizations to reach out with relevant offerings and advisory services to the farming community in India was irresistible and therein was born – Fasal with a single objective to help farmers make more money or save more money!

Farmers More Money

The Service


The service using complex matching algorithms to ensure that the multiple service messages reach the farmer every day, providing him data so that he can make informed decisions.

Having this timely information literally at their fingertips when the markets open, helps small farmers:

Service Benefits

How is Fasal different?

Fasal is an easy to use yet sophisticated SMS based platform which fulfills its objective of helping farmers make more money in a unique manner:

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Timely Delivery of Personalized Content:

Information to each farmer is highly personalized basis the commodity grown and sent in their preferred local language at a time that it is most actionable The farmer is targeted basis a combination of - the commodity he grows, current crop season, land size under cultivation and all mapped to the markets that he visit to sell his produce.

Relevant messaging is also sent basis our profile knowledge of his use of irrigation OR ownership of Vehicles, etc.

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Connecting Buyer & Seller:

Using complex and patented matching algorithms our service connects farmers to potential buyers / agents / institutions who would like to connect directly with farmers and make a purchase – creating an engaged and busy marketplace.

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Free Service :

The service is Free to farmer and is available in local language. All the farmer has to do is call our local language call-centers @ 1 800 1028 767

State Outreach Count
Outreach Count 1410263 farmers in Gujarat

535327 farmers in Andhra Pradesh

88913 farmers in Karnataka
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