Why use Fasal?

High Returns on your Marketing Campaign:

High engagement with Fasal customers means better Return on Investment for our advertisers.

A typical awareness & response rate:
Fasal Roi

The rapid growth of mobile in India means you can reach customers across the country.

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Let the Fasal advantage help you:
Grow Business

Fastest Growing Rural Community:

We have hundreds of thousands farmers registered and a reach of close to a million. Around 8,000 new farmers join every week, making us the fastest-growing rural community in the country. On average, a Fasal customer recommends or spreads information from the service to two other people –increasing your message reach.

High Engagement and Viewership:

The strong relationship between Fasal and its customers is due to the highly personalised nature of our messages. Our relevance to our customers ensures that we have a very high message viewership (>90% based on internal research).

Target your Rural customers in Their Language:

We are able to target a specific audience based on factors such as demographics, monetary profile, and agricultural profile.

Our customers are comfortable using their mobile phones, with the majority of them having local-language support.

Who can use Fasal?

A wide range of products and services could benefit our rural customers professionally or personally. Here are some types of advertisers that we work with:

Cat How It Works

How Does it Work?

Simply contact us at fasal.monsanto@monsanto.com and our sales team will reach you within 24 hours to explain our service and discuss how we can best help you.

Multiple Strategies:

A variety of campaigns are effective on our platform. Brand campaigns promote brand awareness and reinforce recall. Response or lead-based campaigns generate leads with specific calls to action – via SMS, Voice, etc. Our local-language call center ensures consent from all respondents. We also facilitate Trial Inducement & Sales conversions by helping you come up with the best communication solution to support your on-the-ground team.

Ads Hiw

Targeting & Segmenting:

Your campaigns can be efficiently targeted based on our strong customer profiling. Reach our sales team at fasal.monsanto@monsanto.com to discuss options.


We collaborate with you to track user behavior, referrals, and responses both before and after the campaign. You will know the results of each campaign and can even receive and respond to customer feedback.

Case Studies

Results achieved using Fasal:







State Outreach Count
Outreach Count 1410263 farmers in Gujarat

535327 farmers in Andhra Pradesh

88913 farmers in Karnataka
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