Changing the lives of Farmers

Fasal was intended to be an information marketplace that would empower farmers to succeed in this risk-prone agricultural business. We closely monitor the impact of the service, including the use of independent third-party research.

In Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, the vast majority of Fasal customers found the service useful and earned an average of 20% more with our service. This meant an additional INR 15,000 to 30,000 per year.

Since inception in Oct 2009, Fasal’s presence in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat has touched the lives of close to a million people and created additional value for farmers of over INR 135 Crore.

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Every week, we have over 8,000 new farmers calling the Fasal Toll Free number and registering for the service.

What do farmers say?
Farmer Testi3
Shrisailam, 24 years
Hanumpur village
Karimnagar District
Andhra Pradesh

"Now my father trusts my business decisions - I help my father in his farming business. I came to know about the service from my friends at the village. We used to sell our produce to distributors at the village. I saw the messages and found that prices at Siddipet and Karimnagar were high. Now I take our produce to the market and make more money. Based on market prices on my phone, I decide to take it either to Siddipet or Karimnagar."

Farmer Testi3
Laxmaiah & Renuka
Gunukulakondapur village
Karimnagar District
Andhra Pradesh

"From the extra money we make, our son will get good education - I got to know about the service from a farmer meeting. I get prices on my phone and let me husband know the prices. We used to sell our Chilli and Brinjal at the village. Now we take our produce to the mandi and get better prices for our produce."

Farmer Testi3
C Satyasila Reddy, 36 yrs
Mahabubnagar District
Andhra Pradesh

"Fasal is a friend for farmers- I got to know about Fasal from my friend 500kms away. He is in Guntur and he knew latest mandi prices. So I used to call him and get to know the prices. Now I get prices for my cotton everyday on my phone and I decide when and which mandi to sell in, so that I make more money. Fasal is like a friend".

State Outreach Count
Outreach Count 1410263 farmers in Gujarat

535327 farmers in Andhra Pradesh

88913 farmers in Karnataka
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